Audiophile Services

Custom Cables

Need a special cable combination? We build cables using the connectors and wire of your choice. Custom length XLR's, Phono to XLR, Phono to Din (including tonearm cables), or anything out of the ordinary is our specialty. We also make up fiber optic cables and splice cables using fusion splicing machines. Email us at for details.


Turntable Setup Services

Vinyl records will give you a lifetime of enjoyment provided you take good care of your records and Turntables. This means keeping them dust free and if you have a passion for second hand bargain-bin vinyl, clean your records on a good quality vacuum cleaning machine. 

Also ensure that your turntable is correctly set-up. Bring your machine in to us and we will align you tonearm and cartridge using precision gear from Dr Feikert, Shure and Audio Technica. We will also set the correct tracking weight and anti-skating force and check that your turntable is running at the correct speed and inspect your cartridge for balance and stylus wear. Call us for pricing and more details...

Need a custom Tonearm Mount? 

We design and CNC machine arm boards for most popular Turntable/Tonearm combinations. Call us to discuss your particular requirements.



Garrard 301 and 401 Restorations

We take great pleasure in rebuilding these fine machines, using carefully selected replacement parts sourced from the UK. We also build custom plinths for the 301 and 401, elevating the performance of these vintage machines to match the current batch of audiophile Turntables.