"NoBul" Custom Audio Products for Audiophiles, Musicians and Pro-Audio

We can be described as a "NoBul" audio vendor, focusing our efforts on building products that are minimally invasive and do not add or take away from the music signal.

Our Cables are also designed to be unobtrusively minimalist, and not "Audio Bling" We use tried and tested components sourced from vendors whom we trust. No claims that our copper is "nine nines pure", no claim that we use exotic rare earth materials, no fake science claims about magical materials or processing that we can charge outrageous sums of money for...We do claim that our cables will behave in a predictable, electrically sound manner, are build tough, and minimize interference in the high RF noise environments we find our selves living in.

We will also introduce a range of smart accessories in the coming months - visit us regularly for details.